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2022 Nightingale Survey

Nightingale The Sussex Ornithological Society is conducting a survey of Nightingales in Sussex during 2022 to establish just how important the county is for this declining species.

Sussex is one of the most important counties in Britain for breeding Nightingales and they were last surveyed here as part of the national BTO survey in 2012/13.

The key aim of the project is to survey Nightingale in a randomly selected sample of 1km squares across Sussex using standard and repeatable methods. The survey will inform how Nightingales are distributed across the county and if any change in this distribution can be seen since the 2012/13 national BTO survey. The selection of squares to survey will be based on sites with records of Nightingales from the BTO survey as well as squares with records since the 2012/13 survey.

Survey instructions and recording forms, along with a map of the selected 1km square, can be downloaded from this website and printed. To get started, view the county map to see the available survey squares.

View West Sussex map and survey squares View East Sussex map and survey squares

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